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The Bella -Wild Cat 3D lashes are perfect for any special occasion or a night out on the town. Our most popular lash style, these 3D lashes are reusable, easy to apply and give the desired, glamorous look of long, beautiful lashes.

❤ 3X Volume and 3X Dimension
❤ Made with proprietary "Hot/Cold Curl Shock" technology to retain curl and 3D effect 
❤ 3D Stack & Staggering technique for mega-wispy 3D effect
❤ Shorter Length At The Inner Corner & Gets Longer Towards The Outer Corner.
❤ Super Soft Fine Tapered Fibers
❤ Long, Flared Shape To Widen Eyes
❤ Super Soft Fine Tapered Fibers
❤ Blends seamlessly with your natural lashes

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